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Lack of money, severe diseases, an unhappy fate and early death are the most common manifestations of the generic curse, which can affect both all relatives and members of the family of a certain gender or age.

A clear example is the situation when all female relatives become widows early - their husbands fall ill or die under mysterious circumstances. A single case can be defined as the curse of black widowhood, but when this situation is repeated in each generation, it is a family curse.

What happens if the genetic curse is not broken?

The consequences of a family curse can be terrible in their variety and scale. Unlike normal jinx, such a negative program is extremely difficult to get rid of, and it must be done as soon as possible. Otherwise, the old curse can bring the entire family to the grave. Usually it is the main purpose. It reaches the maximum force to the seventh generation.

How can you remove a curse? You are unlikely to be able to get rid of it yourself. Both the imposition and removal of a generic curse requires considerable magical power and certain training, which the average person does not possess.

If your family has this misfortune, it means that one of your ancestors crossed the path of a strong sorcerer or witch. The most dangerous thing is that the result of  genetic curse is not always immediate. Sometimes the consequences become noticeable after several generations, when the descendants can no longer quickly identify the true cause of the situation.

The genetic curse is very difficult to remove. This does not mean that the only way out is to accept your fate and wait for the moment when this negative program will bring you and your family to the grave. You don't have to be responsible for the actions of your ancestors, but you can't do without the services of a qualified specialist in this situation.

Leave a request with a description of your problem, and with my help you can get rid of the generic curse. Protect yourself and your descendants from the influence of the negative program today, so next day will be able to bring only positive changes!

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