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Binding is one of the magic rites that involves performing the appropriate actions to introduce a person into a certain dependence.

The most common magical binding is sexual, which affects sexual desire. It should be noted that sexual attachment is aimed exclusively at physiology, without affecting either sensory, emotional, or interpersonal traits. In other words, sexual attachment cannot be used to build any relationship, only to increase the physiological attraction.

The essence of the sexual attachment

What happens to the person who was targeted by the sexual attachment? First, he loses his physical attraction to everyone except the customer. And secondly, he feels not only a powerful sexual desire for his partner, but also wants to fully possess his body.

If the sexual attachment was used without the act of love-making, then the object has no feelings for its partner, except for physiological ones. But most often, a sexual spell is used for the partner with whom there is already a certain relationship - love or affection, and in sex we would like to make more progress.

How can you recognize a sexually bound?

A person who has been subjected to the rite of sexual attachment, physically ceases to be able to have any sexual relations with other partners. The enchanted person constantly thinks only of the person who performed the act of enchantment. The object of the ritual replays in his head various sexual actions that he wants to perform with his partner, he is constantly overcome by sexual fantasies and erotic dreams.

This rite is extremely powerful, because the object has no rest day or night. Sexual attachment begins to manifest itself in 2-3 weeks after the spell. By the way, this rite can be directed at both men and women.

Potential clients for the ceremony

Most often, this kind of ceremony attracts those women who want their man or husband to be sexually dependent on them. Such women do not want their loved one to stare at other women or take mistresses. Another category is those who want to take the desired person away from the opponent.

It is very important to remember that it is highly undesirable to experiment with magic rites on your own. The ritual of sexual attachment is a strong magical rite, a kind of complex process that requires a serious and responsible approach of a real professional in their field.

The reverse side of the ritual is fraught with unexpected and very dangerous results: you can cause serious harm to health (impotence, childlessness) or provoke severe psychological trauma.

Subtleties and nuances of the ritual

In order to perform the rite yourself, achieve the desired result and not harm yourself or your partner, you need to thoroughly understand the essence of the magic action, study all possible nuances. In addition, performing the ritual requires full concentration of attention, as well as achieving a harmonious balance of physical and emotional components of the personality.

There is another rite - magical protection, which will repel any influence and attempts on the person's personality. With this protection, you can not worry that you will be affected by sexual attachment.

It is worth noting that there are two options for sexual attachment. The first awakens sexual attraction in the object and generates erotic fantasies. The second one is much stronger, since it implies that the object cannot perform a sexual act with other partners.

You can make a spell for sex for different periods of validity, even for life. Although such a rite can only be performed by a strong magician who has sufficient experience and strength. Such a magician can also remove the sexual attachment, putting an effective magical protection against further interference with the human energy.



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