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Личный прием Ольги Домбровской в Москве в ноябре 2019

Olga Dombrovskaya is a world-famous practicing magician-parapsychologist, a representative of the ancient Russian noble family of Dmitriev-Momonov from the Rurikovich family from Smolensk. For sure, you have already noticed the emblem that majestically flaunts on the main page of the site – the emblem of the count and noble branches of the Dmitrievs-Mamonovs. The family received the title of count from the Holy Roman Emperor in 1788. The emblem is decorated with a princely mantle and crown, emphasizing the family's belonging to the descendants of Rurik.

Olga Dombrovskaya as a representative of this family has full rights to use the family heraldry. Representatives of this family have long held high positions in royal Russia and made a significant contribution to the development of the Russian Empire. The Dmitriev-Momonov family is listed in the Velvet book – the genealogical book of the most titled noble families in Russia.Olga Dombrovskaya lives in London. This city has always been characterized by a special mystique and mystery.

Many people all over the world come to London to Olga to get help from such a unique specialist. Often geography complicates a lot and the entry to Olga is scheduled for several years in advance. Today with the development of information technology many processes in life have become much easier. You can ask for help from a unique certified specialist online right now, without leaving your home. You will not need any visas or air tickets. All problems you have will be resolved through an online consultation, as if you flew to Olga for a personal appointment.

To make an appointment with Olga Dombrovskaya fill out the simple form below. You must enter the correct data and do not forget to attach a photo (required!), then follow all the conditions prescribed by a specialist.


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